Our product range & selection principles

The new generation of ecological cleaning products is based on unique, truly natural raw materials. These raw materials are a result of decades of research, joint efforts by many researchers, and genuine innovation.

By now, we have tested all the products both at the laboratory and at the consumer level and compared them to other similar products, and the results have been exceptionally positive. All technical documentation is available and meets the requirements of the European Union.

All our products meet the following criteria:


Cleaning agents of a new generation/truly green
Contain natural, herbal, and biotechnological raw materials in a uniquely, chemically unmodified form. Raw materials that are truly green are those created by living matter, used in the product without being chemically modified, performing its function, and then returning to the eternal circle of nature.



The new generation of eco-friendly cleaning products are more effective than conventional chemical-based products. The functionality of the products has been tested by standardised tests in a number of EU laboratories and has received a high degree of consumer appreciation.

All our detergents are classified as safe for use. The products do not have a CLP hazard label in accordance with EU requirements and hazard pictograms, therefore, proper use of the product does not pose a risk to consumers or the environment.




All our cleaning products are 100% biodegradable and contain predominantly natural raw materials. The development of the products is focused on a sustainable development with the knowledge that the resources of the planet are limited. Natural products ensure that the people’s needs are met without compromising the ecosystems and the environment.




Most of our products are designed for professional use, but suits well for household application due to the safe ecological nature, and mildness. Significantly better cleaning results contribute to additional value for the customer.