Enzypin cleaning products originate from France where the company ActionPin has dedicated the last 20 years to developing ecological cleaning products based on plant raw materials. All of the processes of the company are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

Based on years of research activities and innovation, Enzypin products are the new generation ecological cleaning products which are more effective than the usual products of the chemical industry.

The products are not just a mix of well-known and already used raw materials, aiming to give the products more nature friendly properties — which is, unfortunately, characteristic to the majority of so-called “ecological” cleaning products — but here the innovation is based on new principles and opportunities.

Enzypin products consist of 92–99% natural raw material in unique combinations and in unmodified form (not synthetic products). The products are manufactured using the plant raw material extracted from maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) and bioactive additives (enzymes) which help to decompose protein, fat based soil and starch-like high polymer substances. The surfactants used in the products are also of plant origin.

The majority of the products do not contain colourants or fragrances, the characteristic pleasant and fresh scent of the products comes from the plant raw materials. The products do not cause allergic reactions and are delicate for the skin. All products may be used on surfaces which come into contact with food (rinse with fresh water).

All Enzypin products available for the consumers are labelled with the EU Ecolabel. The products are 100% biodegradable and renewable, completely safe for people and nature (without hazard pictograms).

Enzypin cleaning products are concentrated and highly effective, being suitable for both professional use (8 products) as well as for households (6 products).

The packages are of high quality and pleasant design, consumer friendly. The products are available in 1 L bottle with a dosing cap, in 750 ml spray bottle and 5 L refill packs for large consuming.