My name is Astrid. I am a biochemist and a biotechnologist, Ph.D. I have worked as a laboratory manager, development manager and a sales manager in several Nordic countries for the past 30 years.

I have specialized in industrial chemistry and chemical raw materials, I am able to create, test, and sell chemical products for different purposes, but I have always been particularly fond of cleaning agents. Thanks to my work, I am familiar with the legislation of the European Union on chemicals and constantly monitor the ongoing changes.

A few years ago, at a conference, I happened to talk with an interesting guest at the dinner table, who claimed that they had an unusual innovation at their disposal – extremely effective cleaning agents and stain removers created on an herbal basis, which are completely natural and do not damage the surfaces.

As we were all just having fun, I did not pay much attention to what he was saying. However, I asked him for samples for testing. I was in a foreign city and anywhere near to a laboratory, so I spent some time in the hotel room, pouring red wine and smudging chocolate on the linen and pillowcases, and then trying to clean it off. The results were amazing.

This is how it all started.
Over a short period of time, I plunged into the new concept so immensely that I could no longer think about anything else. We started cooperation with the owner of the innovation, but later it became clear that it was not possible to enter the market in European Union with it due to shortage of technical documentation.

It was time to start looking for other similar concepts in Europe and as they say – he who looks, often finds…
It has now gone more than two years since the memorable testing in the hotel room. By now, I have found a number of unique concepts and tested all the products both at the laboratory and at the consumer level, and the results have been exceptionally positive. All technical documentation is available and meets the requirements of the European Union.

Based on my experience, I am fully convinced that only new innovative solutions can become the cornerstone of ecological cleaning chemistry.

Astrid Andersson, Ph.D.